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        What fetish(s) have caught your attention in bdsm ? Is your biggest fantasy to be tied and bound to a chair, while receiving ample whipping and canings all night long? A good old fashioned otk (over the knee) spanking? Or is nipple torture and cock and ball torture (cbt) the true kind of humiliation that you seek? Perhaps you have never seen a stunning Mistress like Sonya and you prefer to begin with some sensual teasing and denial.

What is the kinkiest thought that ever crossed your mind? The ultimate experience that teeters on the verge of titillating and torturous. Pain is pleasure, pleasure is pain, they are one and the same, two sides of one coin. BDSM is exploring the recesses of your inner most perverted thoughts. BDSM (bondage/discipline, Dominance/submission, sadism/masochism) is an interplay that requires the surrendering of power by the submissive to a capable partner. How we experience BDSM, and the meanings we give to various types of play are as individual as we are.

As a Domme possessing a mercurial nature, my interests are varied, but taking control of you is always the mission. I will guide your journey through the depths of your submissive psyche, and safely return you wanting and waiting for the time we again discover new thrilling places. Sessions provide a temporary release from your 'normal' identity…you become reduced to a mere physical presence, existing only in the here and now….feeling only extreme pleasure to extreme pain in an exhilarating dialectical dance.

In the early years of my life I discovered my innate dominant nature and that I was born to discipline my subjects both sadistically and sensually. There is a common misconception that being a Dominant is to be mean and bitchy while holding a whip. Mistress Sonya does not fit into this absurd archetypical role. Rather she is soft spoken, sensual, nurturing, down to earth, strict, imaginative and very sadistic.

"After all, some people have to be tied up in order to truly feel free."

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