I am very picky when it comes to selecting a submissive to play with. If you are so fortunate to be one of the chosen ones then you need to make certain that your gratitude and devotion to Mistress is always exemplified in all your behavior.

I 'm only interested in those who know what they like, and need me to push them beyond their limits. If you don't like pain, and won't do everything I ask of you then you're not really a submissive. And I don't care to play with you. I will take your interests into consideration during our sessions, however I do not take requests for exact clothing or exact scripts unless you are willing to pay a premium for it. Ultimately, I will be deciding what to do to you, and what you say will have very little effect. Once I learn your weaknesses, they will be fully exploited , until the moment you need to use your safe word.

First and foremost, I will use you as entertainment and not the other way around. The sooner that you understand this, the better your the session will be. If you fail to keep my attention, you will be savagely ignored and you will have to do without. Submission must be offered willingly and with slave-like grace - I will not force it out of you. You must bow in my presence to show your respect for Mistress. It is best to find ways to hold yourself beneath my head if at all possible. You must always be aware of your place as only a select few are worthy of my presence. Those who show qualities such as obedience, servitude, sincerity, honesty, integrity, an open-mind, good humor, intelligence, respect and humility will be considered. Most often I reject rather than accept applicants. To avoid wasting my time and your disappointment be sure to check my list of activities below before contacting.

Activity List:

CBT, Cock & Ball Torture
Corporeal Punishment Cuckolding
Financial Domination
Feminization-Maid/Sissy Training
Foot Worship
Latex-PVC-Leather Fetish
Light to severe domination
Nipple Torture
Orgasm Denial
Role Play-Psycho Drama
Sensory Deprivation
Tease & Denial
Tickle Torture-Interrogations
TV Transformations
Verbal/Physical humiliation

What I will NOT do:

Ass or Body Worship
Red or Brown Showers
Sexual Services



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