A "Tribute" is a gift, offering or token that is freely given to a Domme, without any expectations of anything in return, often in gratitude for the time She has or will spend with a submissive. Tributes and tokens can range in value from a service rendered, to gifts of little luxuries or more... Each Domme has her own favorites, hence the existence of Her "Wish List"; to make it easier for a sub to choose something that She will enjoy. (*Links to the appropriate websites have been included as necessary*)

Thoughtful Gestures: require only time and effort:

A poem regarding Mistress Sonya
Sculptures, paintings other creative expressions.
Essay of 1000+ words, on one of the following topics:
(paying extremely careful mind to grammar, spelling and punctuation)
Some example subjects:

How and why do you support the concept of Female Supremacy?
How you discovered your submissive nature and what you have done to explore it?
The mental analysis of your particular fetish.
How do you define a submissive and a slave, and the differences between them? With which do you identify and why?
Were you born a sissy whore slut, or did something in your environment make you that way?
Any previous experiences have you had in the bdsm world and how have they affected your life and your way of thinking.
How would you describe your personal wax and wane into "sub space"?
Describe the most humiliating experience in your life. And the fetish which thus ensued....
When do you first remember getting a spanking?
Is being a bitch cuckold the only real goal in your life? Explain how you derive satisfaction from being my bitch.

Philanthropic Gestures: donations to any of the following (email a copy of your receipt):

Stella or Any Womens'Crisis Center or Shelter
World Wildlife Fund
Any major recognized non-denominational charity (such as Red Cross, Unicef, etc.)

Small Luxuries:

Candles, scented or uncented
Organic teas, my favorites are chamomile, green jasmine, coconut chai, other tropical fruit blends.
Flowers/Plants roses, lilacs, lily of the valley, orchids, cactus, bonsai trees, bamboo
Fresh fruit: pinapple, passion fruit, star fruit, Japanese apple pears, cactus fruit, melon, rasberries, blackberries, strawberries, mangos
Chocolate, Dark swiss chocolate, mixed with almonds, hazelnuts, caramel.
Skin Care Products from Dr Hauschka Holistic Products; Moisturizing Day Cream, Clarifying Toner, Cleansing Milk, Sunscreen Lotion, 06 lip pencil
Gift certificate for professional spa treatments (manicure, pedicure, massage, etc.)

Fetish/BDSM Clothing, BDSM Toys, Gift Certificates & Online Wishlists:

Yandy Lingerie
Pin-p Girl Clothing
Barnes and Noble (Physical Store Not Online Store !!!)
La Senza
Agent Provocateur

For the Big Spender:
Pin-p Girl Clothing Silk Sheets
Mistress Stretching Machine

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